Form a group of appropriate members, with common interests, who sign up to the association’s Code of Conduct and Membership Rules.


  • Collect and distribute industry statistics

  • Provide members with regulatory updates affecting (or likely to affect) the industry
  • Protect member’s interests (including enfranchisement risks)
  • Handle external relations, and collaborate with the press and regulatory authorities
  • Give confidence to the public, developers, leaseholders and parties who transact with our members

UK Property Law

All members agree to abide by these.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints about members, or the association should be expressed in writing, in the first instance to the Chief Executive.

All complaints will be investigated in full and resolved. Complaints will in the first instance be investigated and; where possible, be resolved by the CEO. If necessary, the CEO will convene a Disciplinary Committee, consisting of the CEO, a solicitor and a representative from a complementary trade association. The disciplinary Committee will resolve complaints and; where appropriate, impose penalties. There will be a right of appeal to an Appeal Committee, which will be convened by the Board to adjudicate any appeal.

TAF will not intervene or adjudicate in disputes between leaseholders, developers and its members.

TAF plays no role in the setting of rents, reviews or service charges.