The Association of Freeholders
Protecting Mutual Interests, Uniting Our Industry

The function of The Association of Freeholders (TAF) is to protect and promote the interests of its members and to give confidence to all parties who transact with them. Our members abide by a strict code of conduct; they are typically landlords and funds who own several thousands of ground rents across England and Wales. Our associate members include management companies, solicitors, agents, surveyors and other organisations that play an important role in the industry. We look to drive positive change and to uphold the integrity of our members in the public eye. We aim to give leaseholders confidence and help them to realise true value in the leasehold system.

Value Charter

Condition of membership of TAF is that members abide by a strict code of conduct and the following value charter should be upheld:

Act in a professional manner, with honesty and integrity in their dealings with leaseholders.


Disclose all costs and fees up front with no small print or misrepresentation of rent reviews or service charges.

fair value

Ensure reviews and service charges are fair and do not in any way affect the value or saleability of the properties.


To fulfil all contractual obligations with leaseholders and follow up any complaints in a professional and speedy manner.


Abide by UK government property laws and regulations when dealing with leaseholders and their rights.

why become a member

TAF has been created to be a united voice for freeholders, to ensure public perception is accurate and reflects the professionalism of our members. There has never been a better nor more critical time for freeholders to focus their energy to protect their reputations and their industry. Through TAF they can now have a voice, a code of conduct and therefore a stamp of approval to show the public our members are responsible and professional. TAF will organise an annual conference for its members, where there will be presentations, market updates and Q&A sessions, all with the aim of bettering our industry for all involved. TAF will ensure all its members are kept up-to-date with important news and changes that may affect them and we will look to set a code of conduct to provide leaseholders and external bodies with confidence that our members are truly responsible and operate under the right policies. TAF will also provide a route for complaints so these can be genuinely dealt with and that changes will be made where necessary.

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